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The content of this publication is subject to copyright of JSC TD ENERPRED and cannot be reproduced (even in part) without appropriate permission. JSC TD "ENERPRED" reserves the right to make any changes to the design and characteristics of the tool offered in this catalog without prior notice. Instrument specifications, including weight, dimensions and other parameters, may vary slightly.

Model Nominal PressureBar Volume of the hydraulic oilcm3 1 stage capacitycm3/stage 2 stage capacitycm3/stage Ambient temperatureOС Dimensionsmm (BxLxH) Weight kg
KRUG-1S 70 (714) 230 6,46 0,85 -40..80 95×520×147 25
Nominal PressureBar Volume of the hydraulic oilcm3 1 stage capacitycm3/stage 2 stage capacitycm3/stage
70 (714) 230 6,46 0,85
Ambient temperatureOС Dimensionsmm (BxLxH) Weight kg
-40..80 95×520×147 25
Model KRUG-1S Nominal PressureBar 70 (714) Volume of the hydraulic oilcm3 230 1 stage capacitycm3/stage 6,46 2 stage capacitycm3/stage 0,85 Ambient temperatureOС -40..80 Dimensionsmm (BxLxH) 95×520×147 Weight kg 25


 CIRCLE-1C with nozzle H-16                             CIRCLE-1C with K-16 nozzle                          KRUG-1C in working with the nozzle RU-120


Parameters Value
Nominal Pressure, Bar 700
Working fluid VMG3-60 TU 38 101479-2000
MGE-10A OST 3801281-82
Volume of the hydraulic oil, cm³   230
Plunger stroke, mm 17
Rotation angle the rocker arm, degrees   45
Handle effort, max kgf 20

Capacity, cm³/per stage:

1 stage 6,46
2 stage 0,85
Dimensions (BxLxH), mm


Weight, kg 4,7

Small spreader R-120

The special shape of the levers allows to move, push, lift various objects with a slight gap between the support and the load, work in confined spaces, providing a great capacity.

Parameters Value
Spreading capacity, ton (kN) 3,5 (34,3)
Width of spread, mm 120
Dimensions, mm 84×259×96
Weight, kg 3,1

Large spreader RB-310

Designed for expansion of the gap and deformation of different structures, moving, lifting loads, etc., corrugated surface of the ends prevents loads sliding.

Parameters Value
Spreading capacity, ton (кН) 1,3 (12,7)
Width of spread, mm 320
Dimensions (BxLxH), mm 142×354×59
Weight, kg

Nipper K-16

Designed for cutting of metallic rods, valves, pipes, wire, etc.

Parameters Value
Nominal cutting capacity, min, ton (kN) 11,5 (113)
Material diameter, max, mm 16
Blades Span, mах, mm 25
Material hardness , max, НВ 200
Dimensions (BxLxH), mm 45×193×68
Weight, kg 1,9

Inclined spreader RU-120

Angular design is preferable for specific operations in hard-to-reach places (opening of metal doors, lifting lying cargo in a confined space, etc.).

Parameters Value
Spreading capacity, ton (кN) 3,3 (32,3)
Width of spread, min, mm 120
Dimensions(BxLxH), mm 68×216×160
Weight, kg 3,7

Scissors N-16

The manual universal hydraulic kit also includes H-16 scissors, which, like wire cutters, are used as a cutting tool, providing greater cutting force. Designed for cutting metal bars.



Nominal cutting force, ts

20 (196)

Diameter of the cut bar, max, mm


Hardness of the cut bar, max, NV


Overall dimensions (BxLxH), mm


Weight, not more than, kg


Accessories for KRUG-1C, KRUG-AM

At the request of the customer, the KRUG-1C and KRUG-AM kits can be equipped with a K-270 mechanical wedge and a U-140 handle extension.

The wedge allows you to expand the small gaps between obstacles.

The extension cord makes it possible to hold the KRUG in a more comfortable position if necessary.


Name Weight, kg



Extension cable

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Universal hydraulic set is designed for rescue, repair, construction, installation and dismantling, as well as specialized work. Is used by the Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM).

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